Donald Trump

Twitter warning about the veracity of Donald Trump’s post

This is the first time that Twitter, a major social media organization, has questioned the veracity of a post by US President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump tweeted without any evidence: “There is no way to deny that there will be massive fraud in the postal ballot.” Twitter added a warning to the post and added […]

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weaknesses in the health system in china

China has acknowledged weaknesses in the health system

A senior official in the country told Chinese media that the coronavirus epidemic was a major test that exposed the weakness of China’s public health system. This is a rare confession made by Lee Bin, director of the National Health Commission in Gene. The comments came amid criticism of China’s initial action against the coronavirus. […]

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Obama slams Trump reaction to coronavirus as ‘chaotic catastrophe’

Former United States President Barack Obama has reportedly defined President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic as “an absolute chaotic catastrophe”. Obama has in large part saved out of the fray even as Trump has blamed him and his Democratic administration for a range of issues associated with having enough materials to conflict the […]

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covid 19 drug

BD has started production of drugs to prevent Covid-19

Bangladesh SKF Pharmaceuticals Limited, a well-known pharmaceutical company in the country, has started production of the only effective remedy for coronavirus or Covid-19. Simin Hossain, managing director and chief executive officer of SKF, told the media that SKF has good news for the people of the country in the face of the dreaded situation caused […]

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elderly in corona virus

Mental health of the elderly in corona virus

Regardless of your age, your mental health and well-being are related to many things. Mental health of the elderly in corona virus. Is affected by environmental changes. In the ongoing global crisis with the corona virus, people are at risk of physical and mental health. Needless to say, the elderly are the most at risk […]

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drug TR-C 19

Corona virus drug TR-C 19 was developed by Turkey

Turkey claims to have developed TR-C 19 drug for coronavirus (Covid-19). The drug is jointly developed by the Turkish Health Science University (SBU) and VSY Biotechnology Company. The country’s authorities said that the human body will be tested soon. In an interview with the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, the Vice Chancellor of the Turkish […]

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World Health Organization

The corona virus vaccine may never come out -WHO

About five months have passed and the corona virus is still spreading around the world. At least 100 vaccines have been given for trial and a few have been given human trials. But so far no specific vaccine has been released to prevent corona virus. The World Health Organization ( WHO) fears that the corona […]

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Boris johnson

Boris Johnson missed five emergency corona virus meetings

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson missed five emergency meetings in the early stages of the corona virus pandemic, officials admitted on Sunday, as the UK government faced a barrage of criticism over its response to the spread of the disease. But UK government defends his leadership. Government ministers were forced on the defensive after a […]

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